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PJ Webley is an internationally renowned hairdresser. Trained in the UK, PJ has worked in leading edge salons across England, Scotland and Australia.  The philosophy which guides her approach is about quality consultation and expert execution.   This means that every client, from the catwalks of fashion week to the office buildings of the central business district, walks away with a look that combines leading edge fashion with the practicalities of a busy, modern lifestyle.

PJ has moved her practice to MIOCHE hair.  PJ will be working from this iconic location Tuesday to Friday each week with hours tailored to her clients needs.

Look out for the small stairwell opposite Segovia café and head upstairs to the first floor. Slide open the heavy steel door and sink into friendly surrounds!

New address: Mioche, Level 1, 34 - 36 Block Place, Melb 3000

Appointments: 03 9650 0880 www.mioche.com.au

To find out more about PJ and the services offered by PJ Webley, please browse the rest of this site or contact PJ directly from the 'Contact Me' pane.